Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview Update Process Walkthrough

This post will be updated with everything that I’ve seen throughout the Windows Phone 8.1 update process. I tried to take a few screenshots of the processes

  • First received an update to 8.0.10532.166 which seems to be a prerequisite update for 8.1
  • Received the 8.1 update afterwards
  • TOS
  • wp_ss_20140414_0002
  • 19 Migration steps which is much more than the typical 3-6 we see when updating. Makes sense though.
  • Tried to take screenshots of 8.1 after the update was installed, but I was prompted that the screenshot combination changed (I actually forgot about this). It’s now Power + Vol Up instead of Power + Start.
  • Here’s my lockscreen now. I’m using Quotastic. Notice that we have the notifications icon and the Exchange mail icon changed 
  • After the migration steps were complete, I was informed of the new WiFi Settings that I leaked.
  • It also informed me that now I have to update my Google login since it’s now using OAuth
    wp_ss_20140414_0007 wp_ss_20140414_0008
  • My Home screen now with Data Sense among many other app pins
  • I noticed that it decides to update and reinstall EVERY app on my phone. R.I.P Battery
    wp_ss_20140414_0011wp_ss_20140414_0012 wp_ss_20140414_0013 wp_ss_20140414_0014 wp_ss_20140414_0015 wp_ss_20140414_0016 wp_ss_20140414_0017 wp_ss_20140414_0018 wp_ss_20140414_0019 wp_ss_20140414_0020 wp_ss_20140414_0021
  • Thing that was shown in BUILD. Detect tracking info from emails on your phone
  • Storage Sense!
  • wp_ss_20140414_0026
  • Oh, all games are listed within the app list instead of having to go into the Games app in order to access them.
  • FM Radio gets its own app too in the app list
  • wp_ss_20140414_0027
  • Camera updated
    wp_ss_20140414_0028 wp_ss_20140414_0029
  • Notifications
    wp_ss_20140414_0030 wp_ss_20140414_0031
  • You have to reboot in order for Glance notifications to work
  • Showing facebook notifications in the People Hub?
    wp_ss_20140414_0033 wp_ss_20140414_0034 wp_ss_20140414_0035
  • Settings Sync across multiple devices
    wp_ss_20140414_0036 wp_ss_20140414_0037
  • Setting extra Tiles
    wp_ss_20140414_0039 wp_ss_20140414_0040 wp_ss_20140414_0041
  • If you’re going to enable extra tiles on a 920 or comparable device, make sure you have good eye sight because these tiles are TINY.

More to come later 🙂